Om Den Hirschsprunske Samling
History of the Collection
Museum Building


Building of the Museum Commences 1907


1907 finally saw a successful conclusion to  negotiations – and a start could be made on building the architect H.B. Storck's neo-classical Museum in Østre Anlæg in Copenhagen.


One of Storck's drawings of Den Hirschsprungske Samling. Storck's drawings were exhibited in Charlottenborg in 1902.


A postcard, franked May 1908, with a perspective drawing of the Museum – which had not yet been built at this time.


The postcard carries the text: “The coming COPENHAGEN. Hirschsprung's Museum in Stockholmsgade”, reflecting the joy of anticipation.


Heinrich Hirschsprung died the following year, 1908, and the internal design of the Museum was left to the art historian Emil Hannover, who since 1902 had been in charge of cataloguing the collection. Hannover was also given responsibility for arranging and hanging the collection.



Emil Hannover hung the paintings in chronological order in the spirit of Hirschsprung, and he furnished the small galleries in the Museum with furniture by the Golden Age artists and other furniture associated with the artists.


Hannover became the first director of the Museum



Photograph of Emil Hannover (1864-1923) as a young man.

The Royal Library, Department of Maps, Prints and Photos


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